Our roving interviewer likes to get to grips with the Business Reply team – for this article we meet with Dan Lloyd EPoS engineer Midlands based.

Dan Dan the EPoS man (that’s what his team mates call him- amongst other things!) his role in the company is EPoS engineer. He takes charge of cash registers and EPoS for clients from set up to after sales care. I’ll let you into a secret…clients love him because he is calm and capable and a thoroughly friendly chap.

What Dan says;

“I really like  working for Business Reply and can honestly say I enjoy coming into work (yes, even on a Monday). I look after the EPoS side of the business and can mostly be found in my van going to see clients or attending service calls. I have a real interest in what I do and I like to keep up to date with the latest technology to see how we can use it to help our customers.

The best thing about working for Business Reply has got to be the….. bring your McDonalds wrap to work day! ” He says with a grin on his face!


What are your likes Dan?

“Sun, football  and beer – Normally all together. – I loved a holiday I had to Barcelona with mates when I got to see FC Barcelona play – a real treat!”

And your dislikes?

“Urghh….Frogs, sand and peas”  (reporters note – He’s a bit of a strange one!)

What is your all time favourite TV programme?

” It’s got to be Spooks – I’ve seen the whole series”

What music do you like?

” I like Stereophonics…U2 and Snow Patrol”

 And your favourite footie team?

“It’s got to be FC Barcelona”

What is your favourite place and why?

That’s a tough one! Anywhere with a nice bit of sun and fresh air will do me nicely 🙂

What is your ideal meal?

“Hmmm something like chilli beef or a curry

Actually no ……. CHRISTMAS DINNER!!!!! :D”

Thanks Dan – another insight from the Business Reply roving reporter.

dan with a smile on his face

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