If you say to most people I sell Electronic point of sale systems they look at you with a questioning gaze. Even a large percentage of individuals when you say EPoS tend to need clarification. I always say you know those tills that bleep at you! Or you know those touch screen tills you see in bars and restaurants? Ahh I see recognition and enthusiastic nodding – now I know what you mean (sigh of relief) I thought it was something really technical that I wouldn’t understand about.

That can be how business owners or staff feel about the whole EPoS system in general – it will be too confusing or difficult to understand. But really EPoS is about simplifying business day to day. Modern till systems offer such a large range of business tools that it can all become seamless (and look like wizardry!).

Electronic Point Of Sale on different platforms
Electronic Point Of Sale doesn’t have to be a ’till’ more and more businesses are using tablets or even their phones to access either the till interface or cloud information from the tills

EpoS For All Businesses

Whatever business you are in there is an EPoS system to suit your exacting requirements. It is such an exciting time for tills as we move into the modern world of different devices becoming second nature to us. We can use phones for operating our home central heating. We can use tablets to take photos and then wizz them around the world on social media. We are all connected with modern technology. That is the same with EPoS. Business owners no longer have to be at the ‘coal face’ day in day out. Cloud back office software means they can see what is happening at the tills from wherever they are in the world! This can be on their laptop, tablet or even mobile phone. Amazing ehh? You can read more about EPoS for your business here.

To summarise EPoS is basically a means of taking money. This could be in a pub, restaurant or shop. It can be accessed on many different devices. Although if you have a lot of sales each day it makes sense to have a proper till system. This makes things easier in the day to day operations. Queue busting – now why not use a tablet to get the sales through and keep customers happy? Your shop may be less conventional and be a market stall – so use your mobile phone to handle sales.

A Till Is Not Just For Taking Money Though!

Taking money on your hardware is just the start. Keep customers loyal with a fab loyalty scheme. Handle takeaway web orders and have them ready for customers to collect. Take reservations online, tell kitchen staff what to cook also handle billing, seating and taking payment at table all with the EPoS software. A dizzying number of choices from how to manage your business to what platform you will use. Don’t worry – an EPoS expert like Breezy Tech can ease the path and make sure you choose the best solutions for your unique business.

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