We provide till maintenance to suit all business needs and budgets. You can choose to take out a till maintenance contract with us for 12 months at a level to suit you – to give you peace of mind for your till system. Your till or EPoS system is very important to be able to manage both day to day sales and your business management, too. If your till goes down or is non functioning that valuable business tool becomes a real stress. With a maintenance contract you are able to give us a call and know that you are in capable hands to get your till up and running with speed and efficiency.

There are three levels of service available under a contract basis from bronze through to gold. If you are on a budget but need to know that expertise is at the end of the telephone this may be suitable for your business needs. We can deal with simple issues over the telephone or dial in to your system quickly – it makes sense to react with speed. Silver cover gives you the same as bronze but call outs are included as part of the service. Both bronze and silver contract holders benefit from preferential rates on parts and or any other charges as well as reduced training rates. Gold is the whole enchilada! – you will be covered for telephone, dial in , call out and parts – this gives complete peace of mind for business owners who appreciate how important the till system is to them day in day out. All our contract clients are dealt with quickly and efficiently by our knowledgeable and friendly staff – you are in capable hands!

Signing up for a contract is a bit like taking out a maintenance on your heating system – we arrange a suitable time to pop out and check your till over to assess it’s status then we will quote you up front for a till maintenance contract covering the three levels of service, where applicable. You can then choose which is best suited to your needs and budget. Obviously if you wish we can just arrange to make ad hoc calls to you as and when you need serving, however, clients who are on contract with us do take priority over any ad hoc call outs and attract discounted rates for their loyalty to us.

To arrange a till servicing contract or to discuss your business requirements please give our friendly expert team a call on 01527 514191. 

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