Small business EPoS systems give you a range of tools to help run your business efficiently and easily. Running a small business can often be time consuming and confusing. There is so much to manage – as much as larger businesses but with fewer resources. This is where a well thought out EPoS till system can pay dividends. Initial outlay may seem steep when you think that you could buy a budget cash register and use that to take money every day. The investment will pay off, however over the time as you use the EPoS to not only take money but help in the management of your business day to day.

EPoS can assist with ensuring that when sales go through the till they are sold at the correct price and stock so ensuring that you keep a handle on sales and stock security even when employing staff. Security is of great importance even if you only employ a few staff – with an EPoS system you can manage what cash is received against the sales through the till. Indeed with the reports available from the small business EPoS systems you can manage sales by day or even certain times during the day and by operator – you can also keep an eye on discounts, voids and no sales, which are all areas where security can be compromised.

Stock reports can help you manage stock and pricing and any supplier special offers that you may pass on to customers. A hand held stock control device can also allow stock takes to be carried out efficiently and easily with any member of staff. Spot checks and specific product lines stock checks can be carried out by managers or business owners with a simple device and checked off against stock holding on the EPoS system. Small business owners can even have reports and sales information even when they are not at the actual site by using a remote method of viewing the data required from the till or back office computer on site.

Smaller businesses can also adopt some of the tactics that larger business use to increase sales and profit within their small outlet. Using EPoS you can develop a loyalty customer scheme very easily and you can manage this in the same way that larger stores do to encourage repeat business and increase customer spend. You can use shelf edge labels to give a corporate feel even in smaller outlets and you can even encourage customer pre-bookings, deposits and pre-payments.

EPoS systems can also be linked to a website for any business so opening up the arena for your customers to buy from you but still linked to your EPoS system. Stock will be shown in real time both in store and on your website so giving a reliable service and reducing stock issues. This system can also be linked to printed labels for posting from your outlet thus increasing sales from different selling platforms whilst you hold stock in one location.

For a demonstration of these reliable and value for money EPoS till systems please let us know when is convenient and we can pop out to give a free no obligation demo. Seeing is believing – we can show you how these tills will help boost the command you have of your particular small business – give us a call on 01527 514191.

Small Business EPoS Systems


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