Retail Shop Tills – EPoS systems that can aid any retail business owner big or small to manage their business. Many larger retail outlets already know the benefits of using EPoS tills in their store. These benefits are now also available to smaller independents or  franchise outlets by using an EPoS system to help with business management in house.

Retail Shop Tills


Bright well lit screens and easy to use software keeps customers and staff happy. The touch screen tills are so easy to use and with colour coded areas for product ranges require little staff training to be able to effectively use the till day to day. Managers know that items will be sold at the correct stock and price as it is one touch button per product for staff to input. By speeding up and simplifying the till service customers are served more quickly with fewer errors so keeping them coming back for more. The retail shop tills can also be used with a scanner for barcoded products and fast operation. This system also allows wastage and thefts to be minimised with stock awareness at the forefront of your business.

The EPoS till software can be used for printing shelf edge labels in your own store. This helps to promote good clear pricing at the shelf and also help to monitor products in store. Stock counts are made easier with instant recognition of products in store and can be aided with a hand held scanning stock device using these shelf edge labels.

The powerful EPoS systems can help with promotional items, discounts and sales all in one system. If you order from a cash and carry the software can link to the ordering system allowing you to make the most of offers such as buy one get one free or special price marked items. We know customers love bargains so make the most of sales by giving them up to date product offers with no disruption at the till.

Another great feature of the EPoS software is the ability to manage a customer loyalty scheme – not just for the big name stores but also for independent retailers and small outlets. This can give you the edge over your competitor and is so easy to manage. Business Reply can also offer small batches of printed cards with your logo at competitive prices to encourage loyalty and repeat business.

The retail shop tills can also allow business owners to stay within the law with prompts on the till. Prompts for staff to ask the all important Age Challenge questions for tobacco and alcohol products are recorded onto the system so that if an enquiry was made it can be clarified.

Managers or owners who don’t need to be on site all the time can see what is going on in store even when they are absent. Electronic journals and sales information can be viewed from a remote location with dial in systems to a PC or laptop.  The EPOS system can prompt managers to enter and record cash in drawer amounts regularly and also the EPoS will link to CCTV systems giving you an eye in store when you’re not there.

An EPoS system will be a valuable tool for any retail business owner – seeing is believing – so please ask for a demonstration from our friendly staff  now – to book please call 01527 514191.

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