Restaurant EPoS till systems from Business Reply offer a rugged, stylish and yet easy to operate system for any business owner.

Easy to use software – use a table planner, which is integral to the EPoS software for easy management of seating and dining shifts. A real time easy view table planner image allows you to see what is happening in your business right now. Not only can it be used to show booked tables and record special instructions per dining party it also allows you to organise staff to busy areas and make sure all staff are aware of dining and bill status per table. Reserve tables and take deposits in your restaurant business to boost business and plan for staff shifts. Flag up tables with high billed amounts to ensure staff are aware of outstanding bills and any security requirements.

Use handheld order pads for speed of service – stay in control and keep customers happy by speeding up the delay from taking orders and waiting tables to food being served. This is ideal at busy service times or when diners are eating outside or during special events where staff can move around freely whilst taking orders and sending straight to the kitchen.

Restaurant EPoS Till Systems

Handle meal promos with ease and ensure food and meal options are cooked to clients orders. The restaurant EPoS till systems can easily handle special offers, happy hour or special event pricing. Prompts for staff directly on the sales screen ensure food is cooked as the customer wishes. You can also prompt staff to mention offers such as meal deals or add a dessert for a set price at the till to increase sales.

Handle different diners from families to corporate staff and manage split bills great for party nights , events & Christmas. There’s nothing worse than having twelve diners at one table all wanting to pay separately if your till won’t handle it! Luckily our EPoS will handle all types of billing and payment methods keeping your business professional and secure.

For a demonstration of all the EPoS benefits to eateries such as restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bistros and pub diners please call to arrange a free non obligation demonstration on 01527 514191.

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