Increase sales during holidays – Easter, Summer sunny days and Christmas afford many opportunity for businesses to build sales and improve profits. Retail stores base a large percentage of their annual takings on increasing trade during peak seasonal events such as Christmas and Easter. Sales may also be boosted during the summer months when the weather is hot and everyone wants to buy something to make their weekends and holidays perfect.  

Retail stores can tap into the summer rush of customers by ensuring they have items that are stock piled ready for purchase this may be foldaway chairs, picnic rugs or even burgers and rolls. You need to be ready and have your product in place for when customers want to buy. We all know that summers in the UK can be a bit hit and miss but retailers need to try and pre-empt the rush for goods and be ready to sweep up sales when the weather turns nice. Ensure that you have enough staff to cover on busy weekends as the weather improves so that customers do not get fed up and leave without buying. This is a good time to invest in some more tills and an ideal way is to rent tills or EPoS to allow you to maximise on the customers you have coming in over the busy months. Retailers can also use the EPoS to ensure products are sold correctly and stock is managed properly thus improving profits and sales. The tills can also help you manage special or promotional offers.

Entice customers into your store with plenty of offers for related sales so give them a percentage discount on a sun lounger when they buy beers and burgers for instance. Increase sales during holidays by having a sale – call it a mad hot summer sale – everyone loves a sale! Get rid of last years flip flops or straw bowlers when customers are more open to buying.

Hospitality or restaurants can increase sales during holidays with special events such as beach parties on the patio or a bouncy castle for kids. Parents will be looking to ease the burden of the long summer holidays so have special dine out days with an organised event for the whole family to enjoy. Parents can enjoy a meal and a few drinks whilst the children are entertained thus embracing family dining and boosting sales. For holidays such as Christmas and Easter or special days like Mothers Day create a special menu and shout about it! Use your EPoS to ensure bookings with deposits are taken and dealt with properly so helping you to plan and fill those seats.

Hospitality, leisure outlets and dining establishments can all encourage more sales during these seasonal times with added entertainment or special offers or even a loyalty scheme. Again all these sales boosters can be taken care of by the till system – bookings, promotions and even happy hours are easy to handle with a good EPoS system insitu. Encourage more diners with a themed evening or perhaps a craft event or charity day to encourage new diners or visitors who will then be encouraged to visit again in the future.

Take note of events that larger establishments run at Easter or Christmas or during the Summer and replicate in your own way. Have an Easter egg hunt and high tea event – invite Santa to have breakfast with the youngsters or have a teddy bears picnic. These are all events that will take a little planning but should boost sales and visitors.

Increase sales during holidays – if you would like to know more about rental EPoS or how a till system can help develop and manage mores sales ideas for your business give Business Reply a call on 01527 514191.

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