Take your business outside! With handheld order taking devices for retail and hospitality businesses can stretch the till area to where it’s needed.

We’ve all seen the queue busting handheld machines at McDonalds on a busy Friday evening but these machines are not just for fast food restaurants. Retail shops and other hospitality outlets can develop a system where staff can use the till without actually being stood behind the cash desk itself. A remote handheld device will enable sales to be inputted into the machine and then this will download to the EPoS till by a wireless signal. The sale will be handled at the till or using a mobile card terminal enabling the whole transaction to be made away from the till desk.

Retail garden centres, nurseries and garden furniture outlets could benefit from a system such as this with the EPoS tills linked to a handheld device staff can step outside of the store to outdoor areas to encourage sales and make a transaction whilst customers are on the spot. Handheld order taking devices for retail and hospitality are also a good idea for seasonal sales either at Easter, Christmas or during the Summer. Increased trade may mean peaks and troughs with customers coming in at different times of day. There may be really busy times and then a lull in trade so to ensure you capture as many sales as you can whatever staff levels you have it is a good idea to use an organised method of selling when the opportunity arises. It’s difficult to plan how many staff you need to be cost effective so the handheld order taking devices can help with having less staff but allowing them to carry out other tasks through the day without losing opportunity to sell to customers.

In visitor attractions, restaurants and pub diners or even pavement cafes and outdoor eateries the benefits of not losing any trade is obvious and so staff can wander away from the till giving great service and speeding up order processing for both the customer and the business. With increased visitors during seasonal events such as Mothers Day, Easter and lovely warm Summer evenings it is important to be able to handle the ordering process in a professional and accurate manner. Menu choices can all be handled as well through the hand held device so customers end up with their steak cooked to perfection and served up quickly to table all within minutes.

To understand the real benefits of using a handheld order taking device within your business please contact us for a no obligation demonstration – seeing is believing!

dhandheld order taking devices for retail and hospitality

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