EPoS till support services are something you can do without until your till stops working!

Our services offer you a professional solution to solving issues with your point of sale till. You know what they say…a problem shared is a problem halved. Call us for expert help and let us get you back up and running your business.

So your till has broken down and you don’t know what to do. It may seem as if right now the world is crumbling around your shoulders. A bit dramatic? Maybe – but that’s the stress we hear when people call us for help with their EPoS tills – understandable when your till starts throwing a wobble along with your staff and customers start walking out! When your till needs attention and you have no-one to rely on you want to hand that stress over to someone who can help in a calm and professional manner. A lot of our customers are people who have bought an EPoS till from a company who is no longer trading or a company who no longer cares, and even internet supply only companies.

When It All Falls Apart

Your Till Stops Working

Business Reply Can Get You Back Working Again

We offer EPoS till support like any other trade service such as a plumber or electrician – we have to charge it’s our business. What we don’t do however is promise to do something we can’t just to get your money. All the services we offer can be quoted for upfront either as a one off charge or as an hourly fee. The charges are fair and representative of the skills we have in solving your issues and allowing you to get back to making money in your business. Our expertise has been built up over the years – we know our stuff and we respect that you know yours. You can decide if you want to proceed with our services upon quotation – there’s no hard sell and no broken promises.  Each service call is assessed on it’s own needs there is no one size fits all scenario.

The services offered vary from maintenance contracts for our local customers to dial in support to get you back up and running. Dial in would require you to have an internet connection but it is a quick and easy way to help you get back on track with using your till. Our staff are patient and friendly with years of knowledge of tills and software.

Friendly Support

Knowledgeable Staff

Professional Advice

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