Retail and hospitality outlets looking for affordable EPoS West Midlands can rest assured that Business Reply can help in their search.  EPoS terminals are available at cost effective rates with a choice of terminals and support services to suit your budget. From supply only to fully installed tills can be provided at prices to suit most budgets.

Businesses looking for affordable EPoS West Midlands can easily do so with our monthly rental options – just decide how many tills you need how long for and whether you need a back office solution (for reports etc) and we will work out a cost including set up. The rental is payable monthly and includes full maintenance and till support for the length of term of rental. The longer you rent the cheaper the rental fee is. So this is a great way for retail shops and hospitality outlets to budget for an EPoS till system that will help bring technology and control to many business owners.

Leasing is another great way to afford EPoS tills with a budget in mind. We can arrange leasing for you via one of our reputable and friendly leasing contacts to give you a monthly amount to pay. This will help your business to look to the future knowing that you can achieve new technology at a beneficial rate – and you know what you have to pay each month so helping cash flow. There are many taxable benefits for businesses to lease equipment and at the end of the term you can decide to buy the equipment or renew the agreement to buy in more modern equipment. Business Reply can give more information if this is an option you would like to explore – leasing is subject to status and acceptance – full terms and pricing can be provided up front.

Don’t be put off – if you think that you cannot afford an EPoS till we can always help with options to assist as best we can. We sometimes can offer pre-owned tills alongside new systems or we can help you to build up the till system adding more tills or a back office system as your business grows – along with the other payment options above. Although more expensive than normal basic cash registers EPOS can offer many value added benefits that will ensure you get great value for money from your till system. For more advice or a specific quotation please give us a call.

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